Saturday, December 15, 2007

uh uh uh uh uh

i wnt ohold oyu close to me
i wnat to be with you
i wwant to sit next to you
i wnat to lisen yoto yu

i wnat you to knwo ilve you
i want you ot knw im here for you
i want you to know that i car eaoubt you
iwant you to knwo that thers eom one ther for you

i wnat to be with you
i wnat to hold you;re hadn
i want to give you a hug
i want to never let you go

i want to protedct you fomr the world
i wnat to kep oyu safe fomr all harm
i wnat to now let you go
i wnat mmya rem st obe asihld

i wnat to hug you
i wnat o fel loyu;re imbrace
i want jstu one grat ehug to get my thour
i wnat you to gfel lmy love thoughmtihs imbrace

i jsut want to be with you

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