Saturday, December 8, 2007

It's not the lyes that hurt us. WE know we lye it's when we boleve them. Am i that complicated that you dont even see what i try to tell. Have ihidden behind thos wasl so well? That my fells cnat even seep through? THat not a ray of truth can be seen? Am i that complicatted?
Maby im jsut blind?
MAbey yo iu tihnk im jsuta nother liyer who will leve.
mabbey i am jsuta nother lyer.
Mabey i push to mcuh,
MAbey i hid to mcuh
Mabey im jstu scared
MAbey use to being hurt
THe thing i knwo is
I dont excpect you to tlka
I dont want you to spill out nenles you wnat to
I dont want to sit and think i knwo everthing cosue i know idont
I dont want to hurt you
I dont want to let soem one in when im scared ill be hurt agen
I dont want to let you boleve lys
THat al li knwo
Thats ill i fell
thats al i knwo
al i knwo is that im sitll liveing
all i knwo is thati try
all i knwo is that i fail
all i knwo is you;re way to good for me
and i dont diserv you

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