Saturday, December 29, 2007

A million itnhgs

A million ithngs boudn me donw
900,999 of thme are fmor you
you say som uch
in os few wrods
you seem ot knw how to pill it al on
you say thing after thing thats wrong with me
you ifnd ever falt
you say thme all
you knw my wke pionts
you ondt avioce thme
you have a things ido wrng
but i ahve itnhg you do wrnog
so why i odnti pound you iwth al lthoguhs thoughts
I oculd say o meany thing
I bit my lip otugh
cuseim odne hurting you
i do it unuf
'not tonight
i wont tle oyu you;re nto god unuf
i wont tell you hwo you hurt me
i ownt tell you andtihng liek that
coeus none of that is true
i ownt yel lat you oupt of anger
oces i hurt to much to be angreee
Cant you see im donw
cnat you seee im crashing down adni git hard
cnat you see the eytars that are wsweling up
dont you see you;re beating em
dont you see you;re brseing me
dont you see you're tleign me that everinth i;ve done amounts to notinhg
dont you get it im odnw and it seems i have bne ehr alot latley
mabey time ill jsut stay down
cosue thos million ithngs are crush me

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