Sunday, April 12, 2009

A better pale with out me

Do you ever feal like no matter what you say no matter waht you do you are always doing seomthnig wrong. Welcoe to my world. It seems mor eand more no matter what i do no matter whati say i am jsut doing it wrong.I keep starting fights. What ever isay is worng. What ever i do is worng. Im wrong. I almost miss spoke tonight and told a frined why donti jsut go killl my self ill make you;re life a hole lot easer. and when i tihnk abotu it realy think aobut it... its true. If i went off and killed my self it would be better fore ever one. I menai ahve one perons i once kalled my best frined who i am constitly fighitng with and constily geting hr mad at me. Im constintly sayig the wrong thing doing the wrog tihng. I never doanything wright with her. Thne i have a ntohe finred weere i have distruped the order of ehr life. Messed things up with her. Evner as im sitng ehr i have my best frined elling at me. MAbby mabby if you jsut elt me get a few days with out you killing me i owuld be ok. And then tihs over thing frine di know i;ve done things that ahve made her look diffrnet at things or hcange some or waht ever i jsut dont knw if the hcange is good or bad yet i guess tim will tel. My family would e better. I mena sut more mony for my paronts to spend on and another mouth to feed, Another kid to get thorgh colige amni wounder how much mony they would save if iwasn around probley a hug piece of change. My siter would be better of one less anying pest. Kids at school woudnt enve notice. And peole at churho wudnt even care. MY family owuld be glad to get soemone so anying out and frinds the litlt i have would be glad they dot have in inmature little kid aorund, All and all i dont relay doanyitnhg write i mena come on im jsut an ideat an anyng pest. If ikilled my self it woudl be better for the world better for ever one. I ea comeone who wnats me waround? Im jsut some idotice, nasrsitec, anying, pest like, life sucking, uncareing, insenstive, undiservieng, ungratful little ideat who is jsuta pain in eerones butt.

Her lies DAni Boucher. Were glad the grond took her cosue the world sure didnt want her. Praise God she is gone.

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