Monday, April 6, 2009

That is me

An uptrusction
An opstical
thats all i am

A freak
A now it all
thats all i am

I jerk
an un careinfg frined
thats who i am

Un loving
un lovable
that who i am

A freak
A monster
that what i am

A burdon
A wiaght
That waht i am

A hater
a fight
that is y charicter

A bitrarer
A killer
THat is my charictor

I am the one that you though loved you
But ended up killing you
That is me

I am the one you confide in
But thne find whos words are filled empty
That is me

I am the one you boleve in
But the one who thne crushed you;re dreams
THat is me

I am the killer who you sought refuger in
But thne you saw the evil side of my mask
THat is me

I am the one who has through you in the grace
iI am the one who barried oyu
THat is me

I am the one who words are meaninless
I am the one whos words are always worng
THat is me

I ma the onw the leach
the one that feeds of of you
That is me

The one who filles you;re heart with hatred
THe one who filles you mind iwth dipresion
that is me

Just kill me
through me off a brig
shoot me in the head
slite my thorought
Ride the world of the reched beast i all me
menless owrth less
Yes my frined that is me
But who am i to clal oyu my frined
I am the beast
So kill me let me a die slowly
Let me dye painfuly
Let me die
L:et the world be ride of me
It is better with out me

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