Friday, April 10, 2009

Who want to
Who would want to tlak to me
Im not specil
I have nothnig good to say
I dont udnenst
I odnt tihnk you quie get it dani
yeha i know im jsut a little kid to oyu
So iinisint
adn i knwo i dont knwo pain
I get it
to oyu im just another perosn
so all of you jsut another humen
jsut another dead ear
Jsut another perons hwo dont get it
Just another perons who is worthless
yes thats me

What if told youthough
What if i let youknow
I get it
I get what oit is like to sit in crowed of pople of frineds enve
adn feal totly alone
to not wnat o to tkae the next breth
To want to jsut curl up in a ball and never ever wake agen
What if itold oyu kno what it was like to feal so diconected adn not ene be able to knw how to get back
What if i to l you know what it is like
THat i could undersnt ever word yuos aid
and how it felt

no i cna t
you woudnt boelve me
you would sutthink im trying to play you amke you feal better
i cnat say it to you cosue i knwo you wont boelve ites true
i get it i ikno
i udnenrst

To oyu all i am is that litle kid
To oyu all i am is someon who will never get it
Who jsut ownt udnernst
i get i tok
i get it
i jsut wish oyou know

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