Thursday, January 24, 2008

A nother knife to thehart
a nother im not good unuf
What am i sops to do when im bledding out
What am i sops to do when no one ther to fix it
You're th eonyl one htat ca so easly make me cry
A nother stap to my heart that ill jsut ahve to close up and brittend it;s noth thare
COuse i dont want you to hurt
I dont want you to bleed
Coiuse i ahve made unufe scres i you;re ahrt
You are a grate frined
so who am i to say any difnfret ocuseit woudnt be true
But em that iaisindt sotry
gues sim not afrined
guess liek with everone les im not gogdunf for you
Guess im realy not a frined to oyu
Cuesssim blind in my thinking
Guess i realy am liek them
I gues to you i dont care
Guess geting in trouble adn getling less sleep pthen idneed isnt good unuf
Guess risking geting yelled ay agne wanst ever good unfu foryou
Just liek evoner one els I'm not good unfe for you

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