Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Risk it all

I will risk everinthg for you
I will risk it all
Anthing ill risk it for you

Buti dont wnat you to
YOu cant risk it all for me, dont
you have it hard unuf
dont risk it for me

you got unuf to dlae with
you have unuf to handle
likfe is already ahrd for you
dont risk it all for me

You're alread perfect to me
you're alred more theni could ever ask for
you are the bestf rined i;ve everahd
you dont need to risk it all

YOu alred give so much
You take so mcuh time fro me
you give me so much
dont rsik it all

I will give you everthing
Ill rtisk it all
Ill tkae it all for you
jsut dfont risk it for me

Ifi oculdi woudl tkae that pain
If i could i would takte all that yelling for you
I would tkae thos tears
i owuld tkae thos night, i'de take it all

I want to give oyu the world
I wnat to give oyu all i have
I want to give you evethign
I wnt to igve you it alll

i woudl risk it all for you
I have risked it al lfor you
I dont care the consiquencs for me
But dont risk it al lfor em couseim not worth it

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