Tuesday, January 15, 2008

You're the onlyone

You're the onyl itnhg that cna hHurt me more then anything
No matter how hard i rry you stil kil me inside
when i let you down i want to die
When i get you mad
it gets real bad
yeahi hate geintg you mad
cosue man it;s so bad
but i do it so often
i barly forgten
it;s semes like all i do
why does that have to be so true
WHy do iahve to let you dwon
IT fesll liekim dgone drowned
Wil lsome one please pick me up
CSUe im lefter ehr and i dont ahve hany strangtth left
IM read to fall and flal realy aherd
Will someone comes come adn pic me up
Cosue it;s hard alway leting you donw
and it's ahrd always messin it up
and its ahrd not gbeign ablet oget thorugh a day with out tickin you of
and it;s ahrd knowing it;s always my falt

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