Thursday, January 3, 2008

it would be so easey for oyu to roiplace me. I fell like all iever do is mess up and all i cna do is that and i fell like im jsuta nother perosn who's in the way. Im always in the way i always say the worng thing i naever say the wright. I rtry to hard i try to nencourge you try to make oyu hpapie but it;s never good unuf im never good unuf. I always fial i always fall i was hurt you. Why cna i do better? Why cna t i understand? why do i so oftne mess up and hurt you? I wish ocusle do more i wuish i could amek oyu happie i wishi oculd sohw you hwo irealy do care. I msut not be sohwing it cosuei;ve rtryed hear hard to please you ahrd to show you hard to prove yto you hive tried jard to be good unuf. I never wil tohugh. Ill never be good unuf. Im always hgoingto mes sup im always going to fial im always goign to not undensrt im not smart unuf. Why do i always seem to be wrong? why cna ti ever fd it wright? yiu dont expect to much, i jsut give to little. THe old fraz is true it; no you it;s em but this isnt a brkae up ling that rings so untrue for me it;s aline that ahs so mcuh truth so much wisdom it isnt you you never asked for to much oyu never shoot for to high you never wanted to be dispionted oyu were always wright you never were wrong . It's me not binge able to do what sohuld be done it;s me not being able to. I ncat give unuf imn not conmpident in the lest sned of the word im in compident in the strongest snes. It's not you, it;s me who messi it up its me who hurts you it;s me not you

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KC said...

is that about me? ...cause dani, if it is, its not true.