Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the anger boiles in my hands
The heat rases to my face
IT turns strawbarey read
I can feall the anger sepping in
But then like a sleghammer i drop the waight
I smuther the anger
I smuther the pain
I give it not another chance t o breath
I stuf it in a weat sogey emptey box
And stack ot in the dark dingery
Oh so ful basment of a hind part of me
Agenst a walll
With so meany boxes
All Lappeld
In slopey wright
Date offense
Anger leavel
THere they stay slowly bieng smother
Mokre and more ever day
Till one day
THe boxes have had unuf
A bomb goes of
The top is blown
And the anger erupts
The rom comes yto a crumbingling pille
And caos sinks in
THe strawbary read retunrns to my face
My fits clench
I feall the explose
ADn i explode
Im oof im gone
Ever offense that i;ve commited
ever tiem i;ve been yelled at
Ever angrey word said agenst me
TIs all out
THen the dust setels
THe air clears
THe boxs the rom in runes
I reabuld the romo
Brick by brick
To keep out of sight of any onewho might see
I hid it away
Hopeful to never see another day
Hopeful for eo one to ever see

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