Thursday, July 9, 2009

you wnat to knw waht i want to say to you her it is miss thinkgs she cna get mt eo to say waht she wants so she donst get made and me and we cna have this perfect litlte friendship

I nwa tto say the only reson you are askign me is so that ill say idont want her to stay ether so that to oyu it cna be jsutified so oyu hcna feal like it sall wright by saying oh yeah thats waht dani tihnks to./ Well gues waht im not you;re little pupet
i woant let you play me in you;re hand i no longer bend to youre will i iwll not tdo waht you wnat ot avod i fight you want to fight me go ahead jsut know that if isay waht im ithnknig you will not be ablet o respond. Ogh and by the way donyt you dare ever ever ever agen say that you know whats going oion in my head and ylellign me wha tim saying isnt true cosue guess hwat kido you dont you have no diea what s going o in my head guess what tou dont ha ha ha you know waht you are sitll easy to read and me well i;ve shut down turnted out the light when yuoi;re angere y you;ite angree whan you;re sad you;re sad not to hard. But you know what i wont give you the satifaciton of mee yelling at you you wna totknw waht ha ha ha? beouce thne you will jsut ahve an toher things to wright on you;re blog aoubt this or that and how i am sucha bad frin dnad abnading you what ever you knw waht what estinkni eve ri dont give an sitnkni carea ny more you want to fit bm e bring it on one punch nad i got you down nice try younging nice rtry mabby tomaor or ambby come bka cin a year

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