Saturday, July 18, 2009


ever looked at the world?
ever jsut stoped and taken a view?
Ever looked bast the mask of people?
Ever stopedboelving ther im ok lies?
Ever sene morein there eyes?
Ever walked past siome one and seen the pain?
Ever felt ther hurt?
Ever spent a late night careing for a friend?
Ever knwo what its liekto fell hepless doignthe only tihng you cna do ?
Ever feal like you have ntohing mroe to offer?
Ever wish you could give anything everthing?
but cnat fined anything mroe?
Ever Find ur slef wishing to trade placeswith af rined to take ther pain?
Ever wonder if you;re doignt he write thing?
Ever wish you had more answers?
Ever find you;re self so wrapped up with a friend you cna almost fella ther pain?
Ever find ou;re self looking into osmeone eyees knwonig that ther answer si un true?
Ever wanted to show soemone thetruth?
Ever wish you knew how?
Ever find you;re self doing soemtihng you never expected?
Ever find you;re self holding soemone jst so you knwo there safe?
Ever wished you could hold on to soemone to protect thme fomrt he world?
Ever held soemone jsut so they knew someone was there?

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