Sunday, July 5, 2009

Are scared to ask
I saw the lsit
Are you scared to ask me alll thos quesiont
What ill bit you;re head of
Scared the blood will rush out of you;re boddy
Scared im a savig
Scared ill rip you to pieces if you do
I wont
JSut ask
If i dont wwant to answer
I wont
But you enver ask
I never get the chance
So why dony ou sut ask
WEll take ift fomr there
Why do you tihnk me so savige
so crazy why?
Did i do someithng
Did i turn agenst you
Am i bear
wHo only wishes to protect ehr cube
A couger on the prall
I didnt tihnk i was
btu mabby you tihnk i am
MAbby im wonrg
AMbby i trun avig and wild
MAbby i turna genst you
But a quesoint
Are oyu so scared to ask
THat you wont
THat you tihn kill killl you if you do
Well odnt owrry
I wont push
YOu cna aks if you want
But ahy give me a chnace

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