Wednesday, July 1, 2009

THe more i joke aoubt soemtihg
The more i hurt
The more saratik i am
THe more i want to block out life
The funner i mam to other people
tHe more i hurt inside
THe more my life is falgina part
THe mroe i hate everithn aroudn me
THe mroe i joke the more im sinigk in
THe more im faling
THe more im hurting
the more life is coemign aprt at the seems
Dont you getit
CAnt tou see
Its how i dael
How i cope
How iconmpinsate
When life is faling aprt
Atles i cna make you laugh
At lest i cna make yu funy
I stop talking
I dont knw why
SI top felaing
THank you :Lord
I stop evernth
And it hurts oh it hurts
but i dont fgive a care
Cut me
brake me
Make me nothnig more hne dirt
THat wlll make me hpapy

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