Monday, April 30, 2007


Anger is a car crash
It often herts thos you love and care for
IT;s distructiion has grateness or minimal
The aapn can kill or sitng
The decistation can sometimes be unfathenable
It ehrts thos you love and care for with out even klnowing
It sometimes is ncontrolable nad yo uneve know whaen it willhapen if ever
It's nt getnl liekthe prease or sft liek new fallon snow
It's pain it's hert hes devistaion
Ange nver ses to stop
IT mnever is a wind it is a storm
It's apnful it;s angwish it is kills
It wil some tiem end but the scares are left the pain willn ot be fogten
Anger is a car crash

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