Monday, April 2, 2007

Rain day

THer rain falls agne to day
As let it hit my face as i ride down he obike i wich rain would wape memores i hate form me.
I want it to stop alll this madnis
I wnt it to just stop all tyhr pasin
I wnat it to bring you back
I wnat to see you a week is way to long to waist I've only laast 3 days istill 4 more to go oh it hert's> i cnat tlka to you agen, i realy wnat to. I rleay miss you i guess the rain makes me fell like this. THe rain make sme miss oyu more. It makes me thinkg of you ride through pudle and have wader sprade up on your las thats hwat you to le me you like isn't it? Oh the rain mkaes it hert wores it makes me miss you more. I miss you so much Why does the rain have to hert. THe rain is the tears i dont let fall there are so mean it herts me to her the rai nadn see it becosue i miss you and all it does is remind me of you.

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