Friday, April 6, 2007


why does life have to bew so heard?
Why do i always have to mess up?
Why do i have to make tihngs always wores?
This life is to hard
Why do i have to be me?
Why do i have to dealw ith this all?
Whay aren't you here?
THis life is jst to hard
Why can't i be perfect?
Why can't I do tihngs wright?
Why cant i be free ofa ll these things?
THis life is geting way to hard
Why cant i jsut fly away?
Why dosent any one care?
Why do i have to be me?
THis life is wiked to hard?
I hate how things hare
I hate how hard thay are
I hate how things go
I don't knwo if icna dela with how hard tihs is
I wish i was some one els
I wish i could be free
I wish oyu were around to tlak to me
THis is so stinken hard
I wnat to be free
I want not to be me
I want a perfect life
I dont know if i can deal with how hrd this is any more
I know i have to hang on
I know ill never be free
I know this is me
THis life is wiked hard
But aparently thats me

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