Saturday, April 28, 2007

fear, scared

I'm scared
yeah im scared alot that im going to hert her. Oh some mena times i've been scared i've hert here ibvet i alread have, but icnat let it stop me. I cnat let me being scared not tell her the trusth.I'f i levt fear stop me she wont know how asum she is and how pople lye to her all the time aoubt who she is cosue she insten anytihng thay say she is she is who GOd made her and he cna alone diffine her. DOsnmet she know how asum she is it's so werd to her thos things she says aoub her slef who ever taght her thos things is so wrong. She is made in His image and he is not stupid or dumb nor is she. I wish she coud see. But should ilet fear stop me form tlelign her that no should ilet me thinking ill scrowit uip stop me no but oh im scared of it im so scared ill mess it up im scared ill scrow it up nad oh i dont know i cnat let it stop me i jsut cnat let it

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