Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm scared

I'm scared
THis firend ship mesna alot to me
Shes the best frined ive ever had besides God
Ahe's got a peace of my heart of got a oeasce fo hers
She says she trust me and cars aobut me but she dosent knwo waht thos werds tdo to me
thay scare me to death

I'm scared im gang hert her
Im scared im gana make her cry
I'm scared im going to mess this friendship up
I fdont want to make her cry
I dont want to hert her
I dont mess this up
But im scared tonight

She menas a hol lot to me more thne she knows
She dosnet ehrt me and i trust ehr
Im scared shell spill my secrets i trust ehr
Im not scared shell hert em she told me she wodent
But im scared

Im scared im gana hert ehr
Im scared im gan make her cryi dont wnat ot mess tihs up
im scared im gang mess this up
i dont wnat ot mka eher cry
i odnt make her hert
i dont want to mes this up
Im so scared tonight
what am ito do?

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