Monday, April 23, 2007

dont kyou know

Do you knwo what i tihnk of you
Do you not knwo waht he thinks of you
cOSue it seems to me that your blind to thes things
He loves and so do i
I knwo life sintk
I know it herts
I knwo ou go through alot
But im always here and so isd He
LEen on me leen on him
I am her no mater waht
He has alsywas been there and always will be
I car eaoubt oyu
ADN he cares even more
DOnt kno w these things
ONe to the right one to the left
Both of us are here for you
He cares aobut you so uch your his chiled
I care aobut you your the best frined ive ever ahd
DO you know >?

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