Monday, April 30, 2007

Heartful words

Herfu lwords is a knife ddinging into your skin
Some words a re prcikes htat wil lsoon be forgtoen
Othre lecve amerk
Some dig deep to drow blood
And sitll other leve massive hols that wont ever heal
Words is knife diging into yor skin
THer is nothign you cna to sotp them as thay are dug deep and deep in to you
There is nothing you cna do to privent them form coming at you
YOu stand not knwing waht to do
It bernsit killes
who are you to turn to?
Who will even caare?
It sems the long thay stay the word thay hert nad son you have to pull it out let um loose
THere will always be a scare were thay have fdug into you
THayt will not soon be forgoten
You ppick up aned begin agen were you letf of
THe tendernes wil stay for a wilel the owrds stll ringign in your ears
THen the scare will oce a constien remnder waht ahs happend to yo
Harsh words is aknoife diging to your skin

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