Tuesday, April 17, 2007

what do you wnat

You say you wnat tlkanely i ask
You say i jsut say ok and hope thay dont ceep asking
You say thos things but what do yu mena
Do you wnat me to ask?
Doo you wnat me to dig?
sHoud i jsut leve you be?
Should iI sut stop asking?
I dot knwo what i sohuld do
I odnt knwo aht you wnat me to do
I dont knwo if im oding it wirgh?
Do oyou wnat me to ask?
Or do you jsut want me to leve you br
I wnat ot be a friend to you
I want to hlep you weh nyou need it
I wnat to let you know i care
aDni wnat you yoto know ill be there
II wnat tyou to know my grip tight
MY grip is ferm
MY hnad wont slip
I cna give you strangth
But is that what you want?

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